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Conveyor Sales

30. Years


Conveyor Systems

Since 1992 METSAN MAKİNE KONVEYÖR have been producing; chip conveyor, drag conveyor, scrap conveyor, hot parts conveyor, belt conveyor, , magnetic conveyor, swarf trolley and custom conveyor manufacturing.

High quality, fair pricing, (reliable service) and just in time delivery are our core policies. we continue to serve on these principles.

Qualified Craftmanship

By training our expert and professional staff and getting them familiar with the technology, we benefit from last technological improvements.

Quality in Production

We value manufacturing standards, quality control and working conditions with social, ethical rules.

Fair Price

We provide you the best prices and most attractive terms.

Just in Time Delivery

We deliver our high quality products just in time.



Conveyor Models


Conveyors, are mechanized means of transportation that move objects from one place to another; they are mostly preferred in production areas. Click here to view our high-quality conveyor models that you can use in many sectors.

Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems consist of Paper Filtration, High-Pressure Units, Magnetic Separator Drums, and Oil Skimmer products. Click here to view our high-quality filtration systems that you can use in many application areas.

Swarf Discharge & Storage

Swarf Disc. & Storage

These are the systems that enable the chips to be stored in high capacities and loaded into vehicles at any time. Click here to view our Swarf Discharge & Storage Systems.

Robot Feeding Systems

Robot Feeding Systems

Robot Feeding ensures that the materials to be processed are placed in front of the robot and the processed materials are removed. Click here to view our Robot Feeding Systems.

Customized Products
Customized Products
Click here to view our Customized Products and systems with different types and features.